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Young Adult Author Julian F. Thompson

I've had 19 books published.  Here is a list,
followed by a few reviews.


          The Grounding of Group 6

Facing it

A Question of Survival


A Band of Angels

Simon Pure

The Taking of Mariasburg

Goofbang Value Daze

Herb Seasoning



The Fling

Ghost story

The Trials of Molly Sheldon

Philo Fortune's Awesome Journey to his Comfort Zone


Terry and the Pirates

Hard Time

Getting In (How one ingenious applicant induced a letter of
                             acceptance from America's most selective university)


     A sampling of reviews of some of my books . . .

          1.  about The Grounding of Group 6  - "Introducing an author with a remarkable literary style
                                                                                        and frightening inventiveness, this psychological novel is
                                                                                        set in an isolated Vermont area."  Publishers Weekly

          2.  about The Taking of Mariasburg - ". . . it is so much fun to read that only later does it become
                                                                                      apparent that there has been some serious stuff going on
                                                                                      here about power and powerlessness, and the interrelation
                                                                                      of moral and immoral societies."  Wilson Library Bulletin

          3.  about The Fling - "As close to perfection as I've seen in a YA novel."  VOYA

          4.  about Terry and the Pirates - "Terry makes a fine female protagonist.  Smart and sharp-tongued
                                                                            but not overly abrasive, she intensifies the fun by enjoying much of
                                                                            her predicament.  Lots of readers will enjoy the comic twists and
                                                                            the intentionally absurd plot."  Booklist

          5.  about Herb Seasoning - "If Kurt Vonnegut had tried to rewrite Alice in Wonderland for young
                                                                  adults while rereading Canterbury Tales and keeping half an eye on
                                                                  Monty Python and the Holy Grail, he might have produced something
                                                                  like Herb Seasoning."  Burlington Free Press

          6.  about Brothers - "The multi-level plot involves not only a journal of adventure and self-discovery
                                                    but also an exploration of complex relationships and psychological problems.
                                                    With intriguing characters and a fast-moving plot, this book will grab readers."
                                                     School Library Journal

          7.  about Discontinued - "The book displays an unlikely choice of material that is wonderfully handled
                                                            and extremely funny, and is likely to become a cult favorite."
                                                            Bergen County Library System